The world can be a scary place to take on alone. Throughout the history of the world, groups of like-minded individuals have formed groups and organizations that seek to influence the world. Several of these major factions are briefly described below.

The Watchers

The name Veründelier originates from an ancient elvish dialect, and translates to 'the eyes in the night'. Referred to by some as 'watchers', the members of the Veründelier Brotherhood seek to protect and defend the freedom of the general populous, regardless of circumstances of birth or circumstances of life. They hold fast to the belief that in life each individual should be free to do whatever they please, save keeping others from doing the same. Upon entering the Veründelier, each initiate swears to sign away their own freedom and follow the tenants and ways of  the brotherhood so that they may protect others. Their most sacred axiom, "madha mín ceri, ut anderen lothron hura," which translated from the same ancient elvish reads, "What we do, so others may be free."

This set of beliefs is seen to some as ironic, given the fact that enemies of the Veründelier don't tend to live very long. Among those that they strive to protect there is debate over the organization's methods, some going so far as to label them vigilantes though the Veründelier themselves are appalled at this title.


The Slayer's Take

The Slayer's Take is often believed to be the first adventurer's guild in Arkaden. Based on a tropical island off the southeastern coast of Rusva, the Take is dedicated to three things: slaying monsters, obtaining loot, and telling stories about the two other things. The Take is generally thought of in one of two ways: heroes that bravely fight against evil, or mercenaries. Truthfully, the Slayer's Take finds itself somewhere in between; while their main occupation is "removal of monstrous creatures and acquisition of rare oddities", the Take will, as the name would suggest, work for only a contractually-specified fee and the rights to any and all non-relevant objects of value discovered in the course of the fulfillment of their contract. While the Take's methods may be endlessly debated, one thing is universally agreed upon – the Slayer's Take is the best at what they do, and they always deliver. 


The relationship between the Veründelier and the Slayer's Take is a tense one. Though they both are responsible for much positive change throughout history, there is much disagreement on the methods each chooses to employ. While the Take sees the Veründelier as interventionists who grant themselves the roles of judge, jury, and executioner, the Veründelier view the Take as bloodthirsty, dishonorable mercenaries who would not help anyone did they not see benefit in it for themselves. Though the Take and the Brotherhood have cooperated in the past, it was done out of necessity. 


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