The Types of Watchers


The common Veründelier, refered to by outsiders as "watchers," are known internally as Eayan. wears colors specific to their region, and is armed with basic weaponry often limited to a sword or two and other light weaponry. These members of the Veründelier are still skilled warriors like the others in their brotherhood, but they have no special designation like the assassin or the soldier. They will still march to war and will still, on occasion, assassinate targets. The main thing which separates them is their marking and rank. Tasks these eayan may be called upon for, which a more specialized agent would not, include surveillance, espionage, security, different forms of public service, and others.


Elders and High Elders

There are several leaders with the Veründelier, since their objective is freedom they see it as hypocritical to have one overarching leader. They have regional commanders, known as Elders, who are all in communication with each other. There are about eighty or so of such elders around the world. These elders are second to the High Elders, of which there are five. This council of five are dedicated primarily to the preservation of the values of the Veründelier, but do hold influence towards their action on a global scale. High Elders wear cloaks with green and gold colors and hoods hanging past their chins. The eye emblems they wear are shaped as “{}” with a pupil in the center, and they have one crescent line above outlining the shape of the top of the eye. Elders wear similar eyes, but without the crescent line. All Elders and High Elders were, at one point or another, a Veründelier agent of some kind. It takes years of dedication, service, action, and above all else bounties of wisdom to be granted the rank of Elder or High Elder.



It takes a lifetime for a Veründelier to be granted the rank of Master. There are, at any time, four to six Veründelier walking the globe who have been granted this title. These Masters sit in council with Elders and High Elders alike, should they wish to, and are separate entities from the leadership of the Veründelier. They hold no direct influence over any group, but all Veründelier will yield to their individual command at any time and for any reason. Masters differ from Elders in that their primary objective is not the preservation of the ways of the Veründelier but is to lead and carry out actions as best as possible. If a Master sees a need for action, he or she need answer to no one in order to carry it out. If a Master needs an army, they will have it. If the Master wants someone dead, they will be killed. These masters are selected more carefully than any other member, and must be approved unanimously by both councils of Elders and High Elders. What they wear and carry are entirely up to them, and the eyes which adorn their hoods are designed individually by each master. Though their faces and names are often unknown to the common Veründelier, each master’s individual eye is known by all in the brotherhood.



The soldiers of the Veründelier wear leather armor over their tunics, so as not to sacrifice mobility. Their colors may vary, but a purple and orange color is not uncommon. Their hoods, if worn, sit higher on their heads, ending just above the eyes, and blindfolds are worn by all in battle. Though the clothing, weaponry, and fighting style of the solders may vary, they all wear the same blindfold. The cloth is black, embroidered with a bright blood-red in the shape of eyes. The eyes worn by the soldiers are angular, and shaped almost like triangles. The pupils are not centered, as with other Veründelier, but are positioned on the inside edge of the eyes, giving a look of aggression and anger. Positioned above the wearers actual eyes, these markings are designed to instill fear into the enemy. These warriors are strong and skilled, though not to say invincible. In several battles the Veründelier have suffered heavy losses, but they take care to blend their forces in with that of their allies so as to not draw attention to themselves. The warriors of the Veründelier are relatively low ranking, and are primarily used as informants as to the goings on in the common world. They are spread worldwide, with at least one in every community. That soldier is tasked with watching over their village as a hidden peacekeeper, but not an active vigilante. Since they are forbidden from divulging their affiliation to any common person, they often sit back and listen for trouble. They are often members, but nearly never leaders, of local militia, as their mission while not in battle is to “observe and protect,” not to influence. When the call goes out soldiers will dawn armor, leave their families, and make haste for the battlefield. They are honorable, reliable, and strong.




 The assassins of the Veründelier are known for their ability to enter and exit any area leaving nothing behind but a trail of bodies, and are known internally by the name of Alzial, meaning "shadows". There are, at any time, fifteen to thirty Veründelier assassins in operation around the world. These are the most elite killers on the planet, and membership in their ranks is not open to anyone who can wield a dagger. Short of the rank of master, the rank of Alzial is one of the greatest honors which can befall a Veründelier. They often wear gray, black, brown, or whatever color best fits the environment in which they are operating. Though they are dressed to blend in with their surroundings, their clothes are plain and tend to follow general styles of the region so as to give them the ability to blend into crowds should it become necessary. Their hoods hang just under their eyes. The eye symbols on their hoods are slimmer, sleeker, and more curved than the standard eye shape. They bear two, one on either side of the head, positioned just up and outside of where their actual eyes rest. Their armament is generally specific to the assassin, but they tend to carry daggers, short swords, and hand crossbows. The assassins of the Veründelier are sometimes hunted by factions, guilds, individuals, or governments. To kill a Veründelier assassin proves to the underground world one’s skill in battle, and demonstrates oneself as the deadliest killer in existence, as well as one's lack of basic self-preservation instinct. Four Veründelier assassins have been hunted and murdered in this way. Their killers were subsequently hunted and found by other Alzial several weeks later, and were put down permanently and publicly.



Practitioners of both arcane and divine magic within the Veründelier are not common, but they do exist. Such individuals often swore loyalty to the Brotherhood after already working for a guild, or traveling as an adventurer. They are referred to as Kílo by their brothers, meaning "Magacian." Those who were raised with the brotherhood rarely peruse the path of the arcane or divine. The role of those with the ability to influence magic within the brotherhood is not dissimilar from that of their brothers, but they simply are granted with magic as a means to carry out their tasks. Wizards can be found wearing Veründelier robes on the battlefield, or acting as wanderers who walk the globe helping those who need it along their way. Wizards wear hooded cloaks with a rounded, ovular eye located just above the temples, the pupils are positioned in the center of the eyes. These are the same hoods worn by clerics of the Veründelier. Clerics can be found on the battlefield as well, but when not actively fighting their abilities are focused towards humanitarian efforts where needed. If a city has burned to the ground, Veründelier clerics will be sent along with others to bring food and safety to the survivors, as well as providing proper burial for the dead. Though these Veründelier wear different eyes, their rank does not exceed that of their non-magical brothers. 

The Types of Watchers

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